Current Position(s): Director of Pledge Education 

Past Position(s): Pledge Educator, GLC Representative, Historian and webmaster.

Pledged: Winter 2017

Big Sister: Joyce Salem

Little Sister(s): Ava Nilsson and Tara Haber Goldstein Birthday: December 14

Area of Study and at which school: Communications - Public Relations

Why you first pledged: To gain new experiences, build a network full of strong womxn and to be more involved in my university life.

What the sorority has brought to your life: Solid friendships, time management skills and amazing people.


Favourite candy: Nibs

Hobbies: Podcasting (1/2 of Two Confused Adults Podcast), reading and catching up on sleep.

What can’t you live without: Oliver (my cat), Gucci (my family dog), caffeine and my phone.