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Current Position(s): Health
Past Position(s): Mixer, PR, Pledge Educator and Party
Pledged: Fall 2018
Big Sister: Princess Goulding
Little Sister(s): –
Birthday: July 27th
Area of Study and at which school: Human Relations with Management and Marketing, at Concordia University 
Why you first pledged: I pledge because I realized on my third year of university that I didn’t know anything about anything at school (I had no clue where Reggie’s was, for example). To get the full university experience or to meet people in university, I realized I have to get out there myself; people in university don’t necessarily come to you. I wanted to make friends at Concordia and relate to students like me. Best decision I’ve made. 
What the sorority has brought to your life: 

I have met amazing girls (and boys) who made me feel accepted and understood so quickly, and who I felt wanted to get to know me as much as I wanted to get to know them. The girls had such an open heart to creating friendships and bonding, and I did as well. The sorority also brought me a purpose at school, other than getting a degree. It also brought me fun experiences!


Favourite snack: Sandwiches 
Favorite Hobbies: Going out, Meeting new people, Horror movies, Sushis, Making food, Interior design 
What can’t you live without: 

Food, water, Spotify, goals and $$$$$

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