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Current position(s): Spiritual and Consulting Alumnae Advisor

Past position(s): Secretary, Pledge Educator, Historian, Party, Charity, Recreation, GLC Rep, and GLC Secretary

Pledged: Winter 2012

Big sister: Christelle Wong Kee Song

Little sister(s): 

Birthday: August 3rd

Current Job: Financial Analyst at Essilor Canada

Why you first pledged: To make a big place like university smaller and to make new friends more easily as I was extremely shy and not very outgoing

What the sorority has brought to your life: Many important life skills that translate into my everyday and a new family that I choose to be a part of


Favorite Candy: Gummy Frogs

Favorite Hobbies: LEGOs and Astronomy

What can’t you live without: The ability to connect and interact with people (2020 has been a tough year, zoom has certainly become the new hangout spot)

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