Current Position(s): BOC: Spiritual /internal Advisor
Past Position(s):

IFC chair
Pledged: Winter 2006
Big Sister: Jill Bensimhon
Little Sister(s): Michelle S
Esther Poliquin
Jennifer Simard
Birthday: January 1st
Area of Study and at which school:
Majored in Linguistics at Concordia
Why you first pledged:
I had moved to OwenSound, On at age 14, leaving all my friends behind. When I came back to Montreal for university, I found that I had grown apart from my childhood friends. I knew I wanted to join something, I didn’t know what.. Soccer maybe? Student council? A table of girls wearing red sweatshirts caught my eye and when I found out it was a sorority , my interest was piqued. As the say.. the rest- was history
What the sorority has brought to your life:
More than words can ever say.
What I can say is that when you are on the outside looking in, you will never understand it , and when you are on the inside looking out, you just can’t explain it. It has always and will always have been the best thing I have ever stuck through till the end


Favourite candy:
Something that is hard to find

Pole Fitness (that’s right, I did not put ‘pole dancing’ for a reason!)

Event planning (Festivals:corporate events/ not for profit events)



What can’t you live without:

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