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Current Position(s): Party & PR
Past Position(s): Secretary, Recreation & GLC Rep
Pledged: Winter 2017
Big Sister: Annalisa Consalvo
Little Sister(s): Marin Algattus
Birthday: September 3rd
Area of Study and at which school: Marketing with a minor in Mathematics
Why you first pledged: I wanted to make my university experience more than just going to class, I heard of the Zets and as soon as I met them, knew that I wanted to be a part of this amazing sisterhood
What the sorority has brought to your life: amazing sisters, friends in other orgs and memories that will last a life time! I couldn’t have asked for a better university experience


Favourite candy: Twix
Hobbies: Singing and making people laugh
What can’t you live without: my family, sisters, friends, dog and poutine

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