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Current Position(s): Recreation
Past Position(s): Webmaster and Charity and Philanthropy
Pledged: Winter 2018
Big Sister: Emily Haim
Little Sister(s): –
Birthday: August 2
Area of Study and at which school: Software Engineering at Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science, Concordia University
Why you first pledged: To meet some girls I can become friends with! My program has mostly guys and even though most of my friends are guys, a girl needs her girlfriends too! Also to get over my social anxiety!
What the sorority has brought to your life: A social life that now exists!


Favourite snack: Vanilla Flavored Loacker Wafers (Italian treat).
Favorite Hobbies: Coding, Photography and Zumba
What can’t you live without: My Macbook, my Starbucks Cofee, my family and my friends

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