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Current Position(s): House / Ritual Advisor
Past Position(s): Party Chair, Pledge Educator, Vice-President
Pledged: Winter 2016
Big Sister: Katya
Little Sister(s): Annalisa Consalvo
Birthday: January 14
Area of Study and at which school: BA Political Science and Human Rights at Concordia & Masters International Relations and Regional Studies at University of Tartu
Why you first pledged: I wanted to get more immerced into the school atmosphere. I had been involved in school organizations and activities since elementary school. Therefore, I wanted to continue because of how much fun and how many people you meet.
What the sorority has brought to your life:  It has brought me strength, maturity, memories but also friends that I have kept in touch with since graduating.


Favourite candy: sour cherries and hazelnut snickers

Hobbies: Reading, documentaries and traveling.
What can’t you live without: Hummus, friends and family.

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