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Current Position(s): Financial Advisor
Past Position(s): Treasurer, Charity Chairperson,Academic Chairperson and Financial advisor
Pledged: Winter 2017
Big Sister: Layla Imperatori
Little Sister(s): JB Apuli
Birthday: August 27
Area of Study and at which school: Accounting at John Molson School of Business, Concordia University
Why you first pledged: To be more involved at school and also get to know more people!
What the sorority has brought to your life: So grateful to have met so many new friends that I can trust and that I can call sisters. The sorority gave me a better surrounding that encourages me to be better.


Favourite candy: Chocolate is life; Kinder Bueno!
Hobbies: Babysitting my nephew, sleeping and eating
What can’t you live without: My hand cream and lip balm

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