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Current Position(s):Sergeant-At-Arms
Past Position(s): Secretary, Historian, Recreation
Pledged: Fall 2018
Big Sister: Diana Jane Tan
Little Sister(s): Elyse Perrault and Tharalie Jane Cadag
Birthday: November 19th
Area of Study and at which school: Major in Political Science, Minor in Spanish at Concordia University
Why you first pledged: wanted to meet new people, to be more involved in school and to get the full university experience!
What the sorority has brought to your life: 

 fun, accepting, crazy, beautiful friends that I can consider as sisters.



Favourite snack: Chips, chocolates, gummy bears and anything unhealthy
Favorite Hobbies: go to concerts, play sims/mobile legends, read, travel, take pictures, binge watch on Netflix and EAT!
What can’t you live without: 

my dog Chowder, Spotify, hot mocha, food!!! also family and friends lol

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