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Veronica Mieila

Current Position(s): Treasurer

 Past Position(s): Pledge Educator

 Pledged: Fall 2020

 Big Sister: Ella Davidson

 Little Sister(s): N/A

 Birthday: July 12th

 Area of Study and at which school: Marketing (JMSB) and Psychology

 Why you first pledged: I pledged because I want be part of a family and bring value to the Greek community. I was also ready for a new chapter in my life.

 What the sorority has brought to your life: An amazing support system and a lot of opportunities.

 Favourite candy: Ferrero Rocher and Mentos Fruit.

 Hobbies: Singing, reading and hanging out with friends.

 What can’t you live without: My laptop, snacks, a pet and a goal in life.

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